I have always loved books and words. Maybe it is in my blood.  My great-great-grandfather was James Fenimore Cooper, author of Last of the Mohicans. My grandfather was a newspaper editor. My mother was a librarian, and here I am now, spending most of my days in front of a computer stringing together long chains of words.

I have an odd habit of collecting old books. I rarely read them; I just like to have them. Somehow, having stacks of Civil War era or turn-of-the century books around makes me feel at home.

Writing Services

What kind of written communication services do you need? I have provided professional writing services for a wide variety of clients for over 30 years. As a one-stop marketing services provider, many clients who hire me for strategic marketing, brand development, or graphic design also hire me to manage their writing projects. Whether it is technical writing for whitepapers or editorial writing for magazines, blogs, and press releases, I can provide editing, proofreading, or copy revision. If you need extensive writing for a curriculum, memoir, or resume, I can partner with you to enhance your words or start from scratch with a proven interview process. 

Self – Publishing

The publishing industry has changed drastically in the last decade, opening up opportunities for all kinds of publishing needs. With a team of highly skilled copy editors and proofreaders on the team, I can provide the writing services you need to deliver your words to the people who want to read them.

Self-publishing can be confusing and expensive. With a new wave of self-publishers flooding the market, Cornerstone Publications can help you prepare your written work for print, publication, and distribution in books, pamphlets, brochures, and e-curriculum.

Writing Services

My love of words has given me the opportunity to write for a wide variety of clients in many different industries and markets. Business, non-profit organizations, and even business executives can benefit from a skilled writer on their team.

• Technical writing

• Press Releases

• White Papers

• Powerpoint presentations

• Internal communication

• Print materials

• Editorial writing

• Memoir writing

• Copy & content for trade shows

• Web marketing & social media

Check out these recent self-publishing projects:

My Clients Are Saying…

“Thank you for editing our white papers. They were accepted for our grant and now we can move forward in expanding our program. The quick turnaround was amazing. Thanks again.”

– Non-profit CEO

“Never have I seen a press release generate so much interest. Thank you for knowing how when and what to do to produce interest about our new product.”

– Vice President, Manufacturing Company

“Thank you for editing and designing my book. It is at the printer and the proof copy looks fabulous. Couldn’t have done it without your hand-holding through the whole process.”

– First-time Author

“The memoir you helped edit and design is beautiful. She loved what you did with her life story. This will be a treasure to our family for decades to come.”

– Memoir Client

Cornerstone Communications has been providing communication services for over 30+ years. With a new wave of self-publishers flooding the market, Cornerstone Publications can help you prepare your written work for print and publication.