Marketing Communication Strategy

The marketing function should be one of the simplest and most streamlined operations within any business or organization, but oftentimes it becomes a tangled mess of unnecessary and ineffective programs and projects that cost a lot but don’t yield productive results.

Building strong foundations is easy. It is patching up the ones that were not built right in the first place that requires special attention. I pursue a different approach to strategic marketing than most sales and marketing professionals or advertising agencies. I start with the foundational core of your company and analyze the goals and objectives of the business before designing anything. No one knows your customers, sales strategies, and business plan better than you. For your sales and marketing programs to be purposeful, you need a partner who understands your market. If we build the foundation properly, your marketing should need fewer patch jobs later.

If you strip away all the buzz words and hype, what you uncover is that most marketing programs cost a lot and accomplish little. Good marketing doesn’t have to be mysterious or expensive. You need a responsible marketing partner who understands the importance of accountability and will exceed your expectations while keeping marketing expenditures under budget.

So, if you find yourself in need of smart, efficient, and cost-effective strategic marketing communication, we can clean it up in no time.

What marketing strategy?

Many sales and marketing professionals start with creative concepts and try to force your business objectives to fit their brilliant creation. But in business, backwards thinking rarely brings profitable results. I believe in starting at the foundational core of your business and building smart, efficient, and cost-effective marketing strategies that work to achieve your business goals and sales objectives.

Sometimes a solid marketing program is as simple as finding the most direct path between two points. You must know where you want to go before you can determine the best way to get there. Once the business basics are understood, outlined, and tested, solid creative concepts can be developed to deliver desirable, measurable, and profitable results.


Easy Three-Phase Process

My strategic marketing communication process is simple.

1. Research

• Initial consultation
• Completes marketing survey
• Interview stakeholders
• Assess market
• Research competition

2. Analyze

• Compile data
• Analyze key findings
• Review with stakeholders
• Refine goals and objectives
• Establish budget

3. Develop

• Create strategic plan
• Present to stakeholders
• Begin Design Process
• Present designs
• Writing and graphics
• Design production


From the moment I receive completed surveys,
I can usually have preliminary marketing plans to you within five days.

My Clients Are Saying…

“Our marketing materials are exactly what we were looking for. From our first meeting, I knew we had made the right choice. I wish we had come to you first. Thanks for an excellent job.”

– Family-owned Business Owner

“I didn’t need a high-priced advertising agency with a team of people or fancy consultants. I needed someone with big picture vision and an analytic business mind to help me get my marketing in order. Thanks for your professional help, quick assessment, and excellent recommendations. We are back on track.”

– Small Business Owner

“I overpaid the last advertising agency for generic, uninspired work. I knew what we needed, and it was not what they presented. Thanks for listening, doing relevant research, and coming back with recommendations that made sense for us. The final results have been amazing.”

– Corporate Marketing Director