Making A Clean Sweep

CLIENT Town of Grand Chute CHALLENGE This municipality suffered with a dated, irrelevant town logo for decades. They attempted to change the logo unsuccessfully with three other agencies: a family and friends design contest; and a marketing class project at a local university. The results were the same each time; uninspiring designs that ended up being costly, wasted precious time and did not fulfill the growing town’s purposes. OPPORTUNITY To do a clean sweep of existing designs and ideas and start over to create a contemporary and purposeful logo that was affordable and met their needs. A large and daunting committee process reviewed 16 total designs resulting in this new municipal identity. SOLUTION The arrow in the G provides movement and a subtle nod to forward progress. The white space and buildings represent the highway corridor where they are situated, important identifying landmarks. The leaf that also creates the bottom of the C shape reveals the town’s green space. Many concepts in one logo that all work together to create a fresh and contemporary design that will serve them for decades to come. REWARD Taking the old and making it new in a process that required forward and out-of-the-box thinking.