Jam Packed Design

Heat & Power Products – A furnace components manufacturer and distributor

To incorporate the elements that the client requested into the new design: maps of the state of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, a flame, a water droplet, and the American flag. The client knew what he wanted – the challenge was figuring out how to make it happen.

To take a wide variety of unrelated design elements and weave them into a cohesive corporate identity that would resonate with customers and prospects. In an industry not known for high-end graphics and marketing, this design opportunity had the potential to make a far-reaching impact on the company and the market it does business in.

Use the colors from the American flag to suggest a subtle patriotic theme and use a silhouette of the states as a backdrop for a stylized flame and droplet. This creative approach simplified the many design elements by forcing them to work together instead of fighting against one another.

Making five pounds of design fit well into a one-pound logo!