Giving Back to the Blue

CLIENT LE Officer Assistance Fund and the Blue Line Royal Ball CHALLENGE To establish a new program to help law enforcement officers in need. OPPORTUNITY As needs kept arising to help officers in the Law Enforcement community face tragedy and loss, the idea for an officer assistance fund came to be. This is a regional fund that will accept nominations for officers in need from over 30 LE agencies across NE Wisconsin. Nominations will be made by local Police Chiefs and recipients will be chosen annually to receive funds. SOLUTION To create two logo designs that work together to tell the story of the LE Officer Assistance Fund and the primary fundraising event which is a Policeman’s Dance called the Blue Line Royal Ball. The event will provide a secure and much-needed respite to have a night of fun with children and loved ones all while supporting a Blue Line brother or sister in need. REWARD Knowing that this fund and event will be the beginning of a program that will care for the needs of officers for years to come.