Getting Back To Nature

Backyard Organics

To design a logo to help this young business break new ground in the organic land care industry. Backyard Organics is a grassroots (pun intended) business with the most altruistic of motives, to provide a healthier environment for children in the spaces they play by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and toxic processes that endanger the environment and children’s health.

In an industry dominated by large corporations with lots of money, Backyard Organics needed a strong marketing start-up to ensure competitors would not eradicate this fledgling business. Clients, suspect of the sustainability of organic methods and uninformed about the dangers of toxic chemicals, needed assurance that in the long run organic lawn care would be beneficial and a healthier choice for their family.

Develop a brand identity that would appeal to target consumers and pave the way to a new revolution in lawn care. Because lawn care is less about what you see above ground and all about the health of the root system, this corporate identity uses contemporary shapes to tell the story of nurturing and establishing healthy lawns organically. Market research confirmed that this design resonated with customers age 25-40 that owned their own homes and had children under the age of five living in the home. The design uses a simple bold font to present credibility and strength.

To bring experience and expertise to the marketing process and partner with a young couple as they pursue their dreams of building a better and safer world for our children.