As an independent designer, I can offer high quality graphic design services to meet your needs and, almost always, come in on time and under budget. From newsletters and web design to high-end annual reports, I use strategic planning and professional design techniques to design whatever project you need visually presented.

• Graphic Services
• Logo design or update
• Custom Icon design
• Custom color palettes
• Custom font palettes
• Print materials
• Newsletters
• Brochures
• Flyers

• Direct mailers
• Ads
• Web graphics
• Infographics
• Charts and graphs
• Powerpoint decks
• Signage
• Vehicle wraps


Sometimes you need a high quality photograph to tell your story. A small budget often prompts the temptation of taking a DIY approach to meet your photography needs. Sometimes that works, but sometimes it creates hours of expensive retouching and still leaves less than desirable results.

Years of working as a photo stylist behind the scenes and using photo journalism to help tell my stories has equipped me to provide basic photography services to a wide variety of clients. I don’t pretend to be a master photographer, but I can fill the gap when your budget is tight and your needs are basic.

Retouching services and design integration allow me to provide one-stop photography shopping for projects that require more than a snapshot but less than a magazine cover.

Commercial photography services include: On location product images, facility, architectural, real estate and in-studio table top product images

Portraiture services include: On location portraits for executives, staff, and individuals; studio portraits.

Professional and affordable photography services that tell your story in pictures.

Art Direction & Consultation

With graphic design technology in the palm of your hand, it may be tempting to take a DIY approach to graphic design. While this seems like a cost-saving measure it is often one of those marketing messes that needs to be fixed later. Making sure the graphics you use are professional, relevant, and consistent with your brand usage guidelines is the job of an art director. If you have graphic designers or friends and family members available, consulting an art director to keep projects and tasks in line with goals and objectives can be a good hybrid model to follow. Art Direction and consultation can provide top level consultation for projects, train in-house staff, and work with outside vendors such as web designers, social media developers, and apparel manufacturers. Art direction can also be helpful when designing facility space, trade show booths, and purchasing signage.


My Clients Are Saying…

“I didn’t know I needed a professional photograph until you suggested it would be far better. I agree. The images you created for us didn’t add much to our budget but made all the difference in making our project great.”

– Marketing director-manufacturing company

“I could have taken the photos myself, but I am glad I didn’t. Knowing I had someone else to take care of the details and capture the basic images we needed saved me so much time.”

– Listing Realtor

“Having you shoot photos of the staff after our meeting saved us days of organization and time. Having you provide the layout, the copy, and the photos was seamless.”

– Small business owner

“Great photos at a great price. I didn’t need a full-blown photo shoot. I just needed simple and professional looking photographs for our new website. Shooting them at the same time we did our brochure photos saved time and money.”

– Non-profit director

“My kids designed our new logo and we found that while it was sweet, it didn’t serve our business objectives and could not be reproduced. Thanks for honoring the design they made and developing it into a professional logo.”

– President of Small Business Start-up